For PhD students

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For PhD students

Ph.D. students can become a student member of the KLI when a research proposal submitted by one of the supervisors has been approved of by the KLI Research Committee.

Application procedure

To apply for a Ph.D. student membership at the KLI an application form along with a copy of the student’s Master’s Degree should be sent to KLI-office. The chair of the Research Committee will then evaluate your application. You will receive a message on short notice regarding your application and membership status. 

Research Proposal

Procedure for submitting a research proposal

a. Only KLI members can submit a research proposal and apply for membership of their Ph.D. students
b. A research proposal should be submitted within half a year after the PhD project started
c. In case the Research Committee asks for revision of the proposal, the adjusted proposal should be submitted within two months
d. A single research proposal can only be submitted twice (so one resubmission)


The Research Committee evaluates each Ph.D. project in terms of the following criteria:

a. The PhD student should have at least two supervisors
b. At least one supervisor must be a member of the KLI
c. The theme or topic of the research must fit within the scientific mission of the KLI
d. The proposal must be in a form that can readily be judged by the committee (i.e., in the KLI application format)
e. Arrangements for the supervision of the project should be appropriate

Applications that in the eyes of the Research Committee fall short of the desired standard with regard to content issues are returned to the applicants with a request to revise the proposal in the light of written feedback from the committee and to resubmit the proposal for consideration at a following meeting.

When the research proposal is approved of, the Ph.D. student will be admitted as a KLI member as of the starting date of his or her Ph.D. project.


1. KLI PhD student members are expected to join at least one of the research groups and to participate in their meetings.

2. At the end of the project, KLI PhD student members are expected to participate in the KLI dissertation series, to fill out the final evaluation form, and to receive a KLI certificate.

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