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General information

Training at the KLI consists of research training under supervision of members of the KLI at the universities participating in the KLI, and a general teaching program.

PhD students of the KLI receive a certificate on completion of the entire regular KLI curriculum.

Final attainment aims of the KLI Teaching Program

The overall objective of the training and supervision program is to develop independent research skills in the graduate student participants. Secondary goals of the program are (a) to instil the idea of translating societally relevant questions into scientifically researchable ones, and (b) to develop a capacity to draw practical implications from scientific research.

To enable students to meet these goals, four domains of attainment aims can be specified:

Academic skills

Ability to critically review, apply, and communicate about social psychological theory and research in oral and in written form, addressing (non-)academic audiences.

Theoretical knowledge

Understanding of current theories in social psychology and how to monitor recent developments. Ability to connect different theoretical approaches to develop new questions and models, and to identify theoretically meaningful aspects of societal questions.

Research skills

Ability to generate testable hypotheses from relevant literature, to develop and pre-test appropriate research designs and measures, to conduct and interpret appropriate statistical analyses, and to specify theoretical and practical implications of empirical results. Knowledge of current guidelines for scientific integrity, experience with procedures for research ethics, documentation of data analysis, and data archiving.

Career orientation

Experience with academic teaching, ability to present social psychological knowledge to broad audiences, participation in national and international networks, ability to assess policy implications of social psychological research.

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